Friday, May 31, 2013

Eyes Wide Shut

In spite of the fact that I am a huge Stanley Kubrick fan, I had avoided this film until now. To me, the idea of a psycho-sexual thriller is just not my cup of tea. There also is a mixed consensus on this film: some say it is diluted, while others attest that it is "awesome"--and by others, I tend to mean 15 year-old boys. And whenever the average 15 year-old says something is "awesome"...that's usually a bad sign for me. But finally, after years of avoiding it, I viewed Stanley Kubrick's final work, Eyes Wide Shut.

My quick consensus: When viewed in individual frames, especially the shots at the ballroom and at the masked orgy scene, Kubrick captures some of films' most beautiful and well-composed shots. When viewed as a whole film, it does seem a bit disjointed and even lacking in a point--I mean, yes, Tom Cruise goes to this masked orgy he wasn't supposed to see, but the falling action from that doesn't match the supposed severity of his deed. All in all, I respect his craft, but as a whole, I see this film lacking substance. It is still essential viewing though. 7.5/10-as a whole; 11/10 visually

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